CDs for Rest and Meditation 

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The Window Channel Store instant Video

Window Channel Network proudly presents some of the best original high-quality HD video programming. Experience the disappearing wonders of our planet—from the canals of Venice to the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River to the glaciers of Patagonia in stunning HD video. 

Window Channel Networks's Original Ventana Channel features stunning HD “windows,” shot from a fixed camera position, creating a soothing and relaxing experience accompanied by the naturally occurring sounds. Programs include 30 minute and 60 minute programs as well as extra-long-play thematic programs designed for all ages and lifestyles. Nature Window and Nature Relaxation programs are accompanied by original musical scores from award-winning composers.

Our newest offerings, The Spirit Window, Ambient Soundscape and Sleepwell Channel are available in DVD and Instant Video formats. 

​Relax and enjoy the Window Channels' Ultimate Vicarious Travel Experience. Escape to a relaxing ambient world while reading a book, entertaining, or simply looking for a quiet escape from the interruptions of everyday life.
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